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Thursday, March 06, 2003
Appalling Breakthrough in Blessed Swine Mystery

Fox News is reporting at this hour that the Blessed Swine was kidnapped by Iraqi agents and is being forced to make anti-U.S. propaganda broadcasts.

Fox released the photo at left, said to be taken with a hidden camera, and the following broadcast recording, allegedly by the Blessed Swine:


White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer condemned the pignapping in an emergency press conference:

The Blessed Swine must be freed from bondage. America stands ready to conquer Iraq and bring him home. Dear Leader commands it, his will be done.

Iraqi Minister of Agriculture Abdulilah H. Mohammed vehemently denied the charges:

I swear by the beard of the Prophet the Iraqis do not possess this animal. The pig is unclean, no good Muslim would touch one. This is just another lie spread by American imperialists. God is great.

I will post updates as the story develops...

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