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Saturday, March 08, 2003
Coming soon to ToGWB: Public Display of the Blessed Commode

The clamoring of the Faithful for a glimpse of the Blessed Commode has reached such a pitch that your Prophet can no longer ignore it. And indeed, it is not my desire to deprive the Faithful of the life-changing experience of gazing on the Blessed Visage as it was originally revealed to me by Providence. But as I have said before, my bathroom is too small to serve as a public shrine.

Therefore, to accomodate the spiritual needs of the Faithful, I intend to provide a public space for display and veneration of the Blessed Commode. I am soliciting designs for the space from the world's leading architects, spiritual leaders, and plumbers. The most tasteful and spiritually uplifting designs, as chosen by me, will be displayed here for the consideration of the Faithful.

And yes, I know this now makes two major updates I've promised.

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