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Friday, March 07, 2003
My response to my common unjudicious Criticks

Sadly, I have received many emails reproving me for promoting the veneration of the image of Dear Leader. My Criticks complain that Dear Leader was not properly elected, that he is the worst President of our lifetimes, perhaps of all time, that his Administration has been an unmitigated disaster for the Nation and the World, etc.

First, although this is not to the point, I wish to make it clear that I did not choose to be the Prophet of our Dear Leader. How I was chosen to first receive his Blessed Image in my Commode I know not, but I have done all I can in my humble way to fulfil the role that the Almighty, working through his right arm Dear Leader, has thrust upon me.

Second, I have no quarrel with my Criticks over the facts which are well known to the public and part of an undisputable historical record. I know Dear Leader was not chosen by the People, and I have never said otherwise. He was chosen by the Almighty. My Criticks, who have never gazed into the Blessed Commode, may scoff at my simple piety and moral clarity. But leaving aside those miracles documented in this humble blog, I challenge my Criticks to explain how a lazy, alcoholic, coked-up imbecile could become the de facto Overlord of the entire globe? The very improbability of it strongly suggests the intervening hand of the Divine.

Third, whether Dear Leader's Blessed Administration is a ultimately for the good or the ruin of Humanity is entirely in the hands of the Almighty who once deluged the World and wiped out nearly all its Life.

I merely ask my Criticks to consider that before they fire off an email.

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