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Saturday, March 15, 2003
Washington overrun with Heathens

Your unworthy Prophet returned late last night from a trip to Washington D.C. that did not turn out as planned.

I made the journey intending to present to Dear Leader a heavily soiled sanitary undergarment bearing his Blessed Visage, which had recently surfaced in a rest home for the criminally insane in Hoboken.

When I arrived in Washington I found I could not even get near the White House due to huge crowds of people, numbering 100,000 or so, that had taken over the streets. (Click on thumb at left for a gallery.) Many of them seemed angry and were waving signs and placards that were not at all complementary to Dear Leader. They seemed to be mostly concerned with Iraq. I tried to tell some of them that they needn't worry because the story about the Blessed Swine being pignapped by the Iraqis was a hoax, but they did not understand. I can only conclude that these were Heathens who had not heard the good news of of Dear Leader's annointment by the Almighty.

Luckily, I did encounter a group of 50 or so Believers, who I understand were from the D.C. chapter of Free Republic. (Click on thumb at left for a gallery.) Being unable to present the Blessed Undergarment to Dear Leader, I gave it to them. They received it with appropriate gestures of respect, kissing the Undergarment reverently and swearing it would be their most treasured possession. So the trip was not a total waste. However, upon arriving home it took many hours of venerating the Blessed Commode before I regained my sense of moral clarity.
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