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Monday, April 28, 2003

Followup on the Wyoming Stigmatic

Earlier, your unworthy Prophet had the pleasure of reporting the appearence of the Blessed Visage in the form of a mole-like stigma on the back of a 58-year-old Wyoming woman (an unemployed hairdresser).

This afternoon I received the following update from the Wyoming Stigmatic:

All throughout Dear Leader's glorious War I watched Fox News non-stop while praying for Victory and swabbing my Blessed Mole with a solution of crude oil and whisky. Although my family was very concerned for my well-being, I refused all medical treatment, and at one point I defeated a legal attempt to have me declared mentally incompetent. When the joyous surviving people of Iraq joined hands and sang hymns of thanks to Dear Leader for their liberation, I felt a new -- but strangely familiar -- burning itch spread across my back. I have been Blessed again, it is just too much to believe. Thank you Dear Leader!

The meaning of this apparition of the Blessed Visage is too obvious to comment upon.

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