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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Profiles of the Blessed Brothers

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Beloved Bretheren, in the weeks since the divine revelation of the Blessed Visage, we have spoken much about our Dear Leader. But what of his Blessed Brothers? For he does have Brothers, and while they may lack the divine spark and maniacal glint that so becomes Dear Leader, they will play a very prominent role in our future. They are America's Royal Dukes, if you will.

Jeb, also known as "The Smart One," is now the Republican Governor of Florida. Jeb came in real handy when Dear Leader needed to seize power in 2000. Real handy. It was a close call. Do you have any idea how close it was? It was like lightning struck in the same place ten times in a row. Yes, the Almighty sure twisted the timestream into a pretzel to get that thing done. But aren't we glad He did?

Neil, also known as "The One Who Got Caught," was sued by federal regulators in 1990 for his role in the mismanagement, looting, and ensuing demise of Silverado Banking, which cost the public US$ 1 billion. He got off easy, and a friend of the Bush family paid his legal bills. We don't hear much about Neil these days.

When Dear Leader's plans are complete, Jeb will get what's east of the Mississippi, and Neil will get what's west.

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