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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Should pious frauds be practiced on the people?

The world knows that Dear Leader and his Blessed Party seized power and exercise that power by means of hundreds of absurd impostures, from rigging elections to feigning a bleeding-heart concern for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Dear Leader's official spokesperson, Ari Fleisher, can't even say "Please pass the salt" without lying. This raises the question: are Dear Leader and his servants censurable for violating the commandment against bearing false witness?

I begin with the proposition that the Ten Commandments, including the admonition against bearing false witness, is not binding on the Almighty himself. It is obvious that the Commandments, by their very terms, cannot be applicable to God. He has no father or mother to honor; since everything ultimately belongs to Him He cannot steal or be covetous; nor can He commit adultery, etc. The Commandments were given to Israel to guide their lives -- not to bind the hands that gave those Commandments.

Logic dictates that Dear Leader, as the Almighty's right hand and annointed agent upon the Earth, partakes of that same immunity. The Decalogue simply does not apply to Dear Leader any more than it applies to God. Moreover, Dear Leader's immunity is delagable to his servants and to his Blessed Party. Thus, while Dear Leader's frauds may provoke astonishment, laughter, and shudders, they cannot offend on the grounds of transgressing our received Moral Code as properly understood.

I note that as a practical matter, whatever serves to bring the people closer to the Almighty through their subjegation to Dear Leader must be tolerated. A punctillious obsession with truth-telling would greatly restrict the avenues through which Dear Leader can impose his Will.

I am aware of what Monsieur Voltaire has to say on this subject, but it is a sufficient refutation to observe that he was French.

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