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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
The Ten Thousand Names of Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader is known by many names:

The Father of his Country
The Right Hand of God
Honest George
Eternal Light of the Nation
The Elect of the Almighty
George the Invincible
Our Only Friend and Protector
The Deified George
Greatest of All Great Men
The Annointed One
Conqueror of Babylonia, Assyria, and Sumer
Son of the Sun and Moon

The following names are blasphemous and must not be uttered under any circumstances:

Smirky the Chimp
Ol' Whistelass
Bubble Boy
President Goofus
The Botcher of Bagdhad
Mad George
The Idiot King
Kim Il Bush
Our Accidental President
Ol' WMD-Spotter
Looter of the Treasury
The Great Pretender
Incurious George
The Liar in Chief
The Mayberry Mussolini
Ol' One-Termer
President Junior
George the Usurper
The Resident
Our Worst President Ever
President Pyle
Dim Son
The Unelected Fraud
Head Nincompoop In Charge
Oily George
President Magoo
Ol' Quagmire Finder
Stammering George
George the Unelectable
Commander in Chimp
Preznit Wif da Turkee
Ol' Frog-stabber
His Mindless Ferocity
The Littlest President
Our Most Rested President
His Illegitimacy
Ol' Unaccountable
President Psycho
"Bring em on!" Bush
Commander Bunnypants
Skimmer of Summaries
Miserable Failure
Alfred E. Bush

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