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Sunday, February 01, 2004
The Last Day

My prophecy that Dear Leader will be taken from us on January 20 hence has caused an outpouring of grief amongst the Faithful. But though I rend my garments as I post this, it is true, it is true, as of January 20 next, Dear Leader will lead us no more.

Indeed, it has pleased the Almighty to bless me with a vision of the Last Day.

At the stroke of noon on January 20, just as the next President is being sworn in, Dear Leader will appear in the plain of Mesopotamia seated on a great white throne, and gathered before him shall be the multitude of neocons, chickenhawks, media whores, war-hardons, industry lobbyists, and redneck Republicans.

And Dear Leader will ask, Are they written in the Book of GOP Donors and Apologists? and Turdblossom will say Yea, my Lord, they are.

And Dear Leader will say unto them, Come with me ye cursed. For there is no place in this world that will have us.

And the multitude will cry out, Dear Leader, did we not apologize for you and justify your actions? And did we not cast out all who opposed your will? And did we not move the heavens and earth for your greater glory?

And Dear Leader will say unto them, Yea, I know you, and you move me not. For though you have worked iniquity in furtherance of my Will, I care for you as little as the insects I stomp upon.

And the earth shall open up beneath them, and all will be consumed.

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