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Monday, February 16, 2004
We Must Praise Dear Leader

We are very grateful for Dear Leader, and it is the duty of all young Americans to learn how to honor him properly.

Wear your Dear Leader portrait badge with reverence! Do not be caught outside your home without it, or it will be a long time before you see your mommy and daddy again.

If you hear one of your little friends refer to Dear Leader as "Commander in Chimp" or "Dim Son," denounce him at once to your local cadre! He will be taken to an enlightenment center where he will learn his true duty is to Dear Leader.

At your weekly mutual criticism session, be able to explain the Four Points of Dear Leader's philosophy of Imaginary Pre-emption. Or impress everyone with your mastery of Dear Leader's revolutionary economic theory of Infinite Revenue from Infinite Deficits!

If you are chosen to fight for Dear Leader in Iraq, be grateful! Even if you are still too small to hold a gun, you may still be of service to the Fatherland.

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