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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Speaking in Tongues

Believer kentuck recently posted the following tribute to Dear Leader on Democractic Underground. I will reproduce it here in full as a reminder of Dear Leader's exemplary virtues.

[Dear Leader] is simply so brilliant that America cannot help but follow his leadership. His judgment is so trusted because his intelligence is unquestioned. It would be a very rare occasion that he might be wrong. This is the type of guy you would trust your life to because his complex thought processes always figure out the possibilities in every circumstance. He would never act in haste or be impatient with the lives of others. His intellect is so strong that people just naturally put their faith in his decisions. What might appear to some as arrogance is really just a supreme confidence in his own abilities to make the right decision. After all, look at all the decisions he has made up to this time in his life. His business failures and personal failures were caused by outside influences and never by the acute decisions made by this great leader. America can sleep well at night knowing that [Dear Leader] is in charge.

Truly thou art blessed.

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