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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Welcome to Bushtown!

Dearest Bretheren,

Are you tired of being persecuted for your beliefs? Do people laugh at your Dear Leader portrait badge? Do you sometimes hear Unbelievers refer to Him as "President Post Turtle" or "Dim Son?"

Well, your troubles are over! Finally, there's a place where Believers can always feel at home. The Temple of George W. Bush Agricultural Project, also known as Bushtown, is now accepting applications.

Built in the verdant jungle of the Texas panhandle, Bushtown is a safe haven for true Believers. No longer must you endure the mockery of liberal intellectual elitists! At Bushtown, you will live a Dear Leader-filled life in the company of other right-thinking patriots!

Deluxe accommodations are available for those who donate at Ranger or Pioneer levels!

You will joyously harvest crops for Dear Leader's table and for export to countries that have money!

Fox News on the loudspeakers, twenty-four hours a day!

Entertainment by Believer-friendly stars!

Marathon addresses from Dear Leader at the Enron Pavillion!

Tense? Blow off some steam at the Exxon-Mobil Interrogation Hut!

Enjoy world-class cuisine! (Bushtown serves only Flavor-aid Brand beverages... our own special blend!)

And best of all, you will never, ever, hear a bad word said about Dear Leader! To apply, just leave a comment stating in 750 words or more why Dear Leader is the very bestest President the World has ever had!

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