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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Barbeque Unto the World

Dear Bretheren, today we celebrate another step toward fiscal salvation, as we officially launch The Temple of George W. Bush Barbeque Grill and Family Restaurant, with six locations in and about the Greater El Paso Area.

Dear Leader himself has taken time out of his very busy job of being the World War President to endorse The Temple of George W. Bush Barbeque Grill and Family Restaurant. Here, in his own words, unedited by the hands of the vulgar, are his own words:

Barbeque can be messy sometimes. There are some people who say that folks with brown skin, not people like us, don't deserve barbeque. And I don't understand that.

When it comes to defending our barbeque, no matter how long it takes, that's exactly what this country is... Barbeque frightens people who are terrorists. Because they hate our barbeque. We love barbeque here in America. So long as we love barbeque, they hate us, and they want to hurt us. But we... we don't believe that barbeque is America's gift to the world. We believe barbeque is the God Almighty's gift to each and every person in the world.

And I will use the mightly power God has given me with to make sure that all the barbeque-loving people of the world will love barbeque just as mush as we do. So visit your local Temple of George W. Bush Barbeque Grill and Family Restaurant... they are around El Paso. I like their Abu GhaRibs with the special sauce. May God Almighty continue to baste America.

Personal Note: to the Believer who keeps donating dead possums, please stop. I can't sell them at any price.

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