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Thursday, September 02, 2004
To Disbelieve is to Burn (Maybe)

Believers, of late I have heard from many of you who are being tested in your faith in Dear Leader. This is very distressing -- I need not remind you that doubt in Dear Leader is a severe offense against God Almighty. Nevertheless, in the interests of rejuvenating your adherence to our holy religion, I will put the argument for Belief.

Dear Leader claims that he, and only he can save civilization from total annhilation by terrorists. One can either believe that claim or not believe it. If we do not believe the claim, but it is true, civilization is wiped out and we lose everything. If we believe it, but it is not true, then we suffer the cost of being badly misgovered by the worst president since Reconstruction. However, in that case we still have something, which is better than total anihilation. Accordingly, Belief in Dear Leader is the only rational position, no matter how unlikely it is that the claim is true.
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